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Jamba Juice Fans!
- Name: Jeanie
- Age: 18
- Location: Northridge, CA
- Favorite Jamba drink(s): it changes from time to time. right now it's the Strawberry tsunami, no lime shbt, sub rasp shbt, xt mango, no boost
- Your Jamba story (ie. How did you discover Jamba Juice?): through friends
- How did you find this community?: search!
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- Name: shiela
- Age: 21
- Location: southern california
- Favorite Jamba drink(s): chocolate moo'd and aloha pineapple
- Your Jamba story (ie. How did you discover Jamba Juice?): two or three years ago, me and some close relatives went over to try jamba juice out.we wanted to try another place instead of having to go to starbucks all the time!
- How did you find this community?: through the LJ search

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- Name - Shawn
- Age - 18
- Location - California
- Favorite Jamba drink - Strawberry Tsunami (Renamed to Strawberry Surfrider...psh)
- Your Jamba story - Back in the day, i used to go to a smoothie place called Green Planet, but eventually it went out of business, and Jamba Juice took it over. Then, in November of 2003, I walked into the Jamba Juice closest to my house in search of my first job, and I ended up getting the job on the spot. So i have been working there for a year and a half.
- How did you find this community? I just did a search just out of curiousity and happened to run across it.

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Hey there everyone! :] I`ve been here for awhile, & I absolutely love Jamba Juice! I was in there yesterday, and was looking for a new drink to try. So, my first question is:

- What drinks do you recommend?

& then, I was craving something watermelon. And I was looking, and I saw NO watermelon drinks ! ;O

- Is there any watermelon drinks in your hometown Jamba?

Oh, my. I know. -___________-  And, just one two last question[s] ...

- Do you get boosts?

And if you do ...

- What type of boosts?

Thanks you guys. Stay active & have fun Jamba-ing[:

<3 Tori

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- Name - Paradiz
- Age - 31
- Location california
- Favorite Jamba drink(s) Banana Berry Smoothie w/immunity boost & strawberries wiLD
- Your Jamba story - I found out about Jamba Juice back in 96 when on the way to work catching the bus daily I always passed the this juice shop, and was always curious about it and always saw tons of people, one Day I tRIed out a smOOThie & got HOOKed since then like the coffee addictors at starbucks LOL!
- How did you find this community? I just did a search just out of curiousity and valla FOUND IT! :-)

HELLO TO ALL Jamba JUICe FANz...u rock! :)

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